Laconia: City on the Lakes

Photo Courtesy of Bill Hemmel

Laconia Aerial Photo Courtesy of Bill Hemmel

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What is a "tag" and how do I use it?

As a way to simplify on-line accessibility of City projects that are of community interest we have begun assigning a "tag" to these projects. A tag is a unique set of characters that is assigned to a project and included in all documents associated with that project, such as minutes, postings, reports and any other related material, as well as webpages containing information on the project.

How are tags helpful?

By using tags anyone can access the tagged information from any search engine. Results will be displayed from all sources, including social media posts that include the tag (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

How do I use the tag?

If you would like a blog, article, or social media post shared by using the tag used by the City you can! If the information is important to you and you want it shared with your community we are happy to have your contribution.

Current tag(s)



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