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Adopted Architectural Ordinance


In 2010 the Planning Board hired Ironwood Associates and SMP Architecture to draft an ordinance to address the architectural issues.

The Architectural team first completed a study of streets determining which is a buildings front, side and service entrance in the rear. This allowed them to complete build out scenarios showing how proposed changes would look and function.  They graphically depicted this in a slideshow. Draft Downtown Slides

From these illustrations we were able to draft up a list of goals that we would like the architectural guidelines to address. Laconia Guidelines

After reviewing the goals we then tried to determine how best to present this information in a regulations format. We decided that a pictorial rendering rather than a detailed verbal explanation was best and that rather than make the regulations required they would be optional with a point system that allowed flexibility on the part of the developer. This way the developer could pick some items to institute but would not be bound to all of them.

In June 2014, the Planning Board adopted an update to the Site Plan Regulations. Section 6.6, Architecture, was updated with a new points based architectural regulation. The new regulations can be found here:

Site Plan Regulation Update Section 6.6 - Architecture

Site Plan Regulation Section 6.6 Score Sheet - Architecture

As part of the architectural review we had TEC Engineering also look at the turning movements and parking areas off of Union Ave in order to make some recommendations to help alleviate conflicts with congestion and turning movements on and off commercial properties. Three pictorial maps showing recommendations were drafted:

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