Laconia: City on the Lakes

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City of Laconia Planning Department

Laconia Heart and Soul Master Plan Update


WHAT is Heart & Soul Project of Laconia?

It is a process designed to find out what YOU, the residents of Laconia, value most about living here. Our mission is to identify the Heart and Soul of Laconia and use that to drive decisions that shape the future for all of us. The end result of this process will be a NEW Master Plan, which will inform and guide the future priorities, projects, and direction of the City's policies and practices.

While the Master Plan process is expected to last through 2016, the community engagement and outreach mechanisms and programs that are successfully utilized in this process will continue to be used by the city as "tools in the toolbox" for future civic outreach and engagement practices.

WHAT are you going to do?

Over the next two years community members, the City of Laconia, and local and regional partners will collect community values from as many citizens as possible. We will then ask the community to turn those values into a new Master Plan for the City of Laconia. The Master Plan will outline the goals, objectives, and actions for land use, economic development, housing, natural resources, transportation, and community facilities, among other important elements of the City's future.  The contents of the Master Plan then inform action items for your City staff and government. We want the community to chart a course toward community and economic revitalization in Laconia.

With everyone's help, we aim to:

  • ENGAGE residents in conversations about what makes us unique and what we value most about this place.
  • Work toward a SHARED VISION for our community based on what people say is important to them.
  • TAKE ACTION together to make the vision real.

WHAT will result from the project?

Through those efforts we will:

  • Increase public involvement and support for citizen led initiatives and results.
  • Identify a set of values that lead to a shared vision that will drive decisions and actions in our community.
  • Use the community values to create a new Master Plan and associated actions that implement the values and visions of the residents of Laconia.
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