Laconia: City on the Lakes

Photo Courtesy of Bill Hemmel

Laconia Aerial Photo Courtesy of Bill Hemmel

City of Laconia Planning Department

Laconia Heart and Soul Master Plan Update


WHY Heart & Soul?  What does that mean?

"Heart and Soul" is shorthand for the unique cultures, landscapes, people, traditions and values that residents cherish. Once a community widely recognizes its Heart & Soul, people come together and take action together to sustain and enhance the places they love.

Heart & Soul is the Orton Family Foundation's signature barn-raising approach to community planning and development. By employing a proven process that increases participation, residents play a key role in shaping the future of their communities.  Heart & Soul reconnects people with what they love most about their towns and translates those personal connections into a blueprint for future community decisions.

WHY now?

While Laconia's current Master Plan dates from 2007, the process actually began in 2002.  By state regulation (RSA674:1-4) the Master Plan is recommended to be revised every 5-10 years.  It's time that we take a fresh look at where our City is headed and where we want it to go.  By coming together to discover our shared values and visions, we can then fuel planning and other government decisions.   

The human and financial resources from the Orton Family Foundation, the New Hampshire listens program of the UNH Carsey Institute, and the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation will enhance and accelerate this community work.

WHY would I want to participate?

Your participation in this project is the most effective way to help shape the future of the community, and we want to hear from you. Waiting until a developer or the City proposes some significant change in the community can cause uncertainty and concern about the future.

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