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As-Built Requirements

for Site Plans, Subdivisions, and Road Layouts City of Laconia, NH, Department of Public Works (last revised 2-19-2008)

This document is intended to give guidance to developers and land surveyors as to what the Department of Public Works (DPW) requires for As-Built submittals. Before commencing with field work, please check with DPW to ensure you have the latest revision.

When is an As-Built required in Laconia?
Section 6.8 of the Site Plan Regulations relates to As-Builts for all development or change or expansion of use of land for non-residential uses and multiple dwelling units. As-Builts for residential subdivisions and cluster developments are required as a condition of approval from the Planning Board.

Sewer & Drainage As-Built:
Because the sewer and drainage infrastructure does not define the limits or extent of legal rights or interest in land, the Sewer & Drainage As-Built will not be recorded at the Belknap County Registry of Deeds (BCRD) (RSA 478.1 III). However, it will be archived in the Public Works records vault. DPW will require this plan to be on a 22"x34" mylar. If detail is too cluttered, a Sewer As-Built and Drainage As-Built may be submitted on separate sheets. A draft plan must be approved before the mylar is accepted. This plan must include the following:

  • Roads and road names. Any buildings constructed at the time the field work is being completed.
  • 911 #'s labeled on all lots (even if vacant).
  • Structures ( SMH's, DMH's, CB's, and pump stations) with rim and invert elevations and pipe size and materials.
  • Sewer mains and stormwater mains shall be shown indicating pipe size and material. Depth to the top of a sewer force main shall be shown in selected places. The material and schedule of pipe for the force main shall be labeled.
  • The distance of sewer service wyes from SMH shall be shown.
  • Swing ties to sewer service laterals stubbed off for future tie in. A depth to top of pipe shall be indicated.
  • The horizontal location of sewer services from the main to the building shall be shown including ties from building corners and/or other physical features to angle points in the service line and a distance from a bldg. corner to where the service enters the building. DPW understands that in most instances this information will need to be supplied to the surveyor by the contractor. A note indicating "supplied by others" is fine to include on the plan.
  • Location of sewer clean-outs with swing ties shall be shown.
  • Detention/retention ponds (above ground systems and/or underground pipes or chambers) and swales shall be shown. The ponds should include a top of berm elevation, shelf elevations, a bottom elevation, and the location and elevation of emergency spillways. The inlet inverts and size should be shown as well as outlet control features with elevations. We do not need elevations on the swales, just horizontal location.
  • Culvert locations and cross pipes (with size and material) shall be shown but we do not need elevations on these.
  • Sewer and drainage easements with BCRD recording references.

General As-Built Site Plan:
Section 6.8 (b) of the Site Plan Review Regulations addresses As-Builts for non-residential and multi-unit housing. It specifies that the actual location and details of all improvements and changes to previously existing conditions be produced at the same scale as the approved drawing. In residential subdivisions and clusters, the same standard applies. DPW specifically requires:

  • Underground utility cabinets and any poles and anchors
  • Roads, curbs & sidewalks. The only elevations required are a centerline profile.
  • Approved street names
  • Delineated wetlands
  • Guard rails & fences
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Driveways
  • Buildings completed
  • 911 numbers shown (even on empty lots)
  • The location and dimension of easements including BCRD references
  • Retaining walls (just horizontal location)

Road Layout Plan: 
RSA 676:18 II allows for the recording of street layouts. In those situations when a road is petitioned to become a City accepted street, a separate road layout plan will be required that will be recorded at the registry of deeds. This would be a very simple plan on a 22" x 34" mylar and shall include:

  • The sidelines of the ROW with road monumentation and description (granite bounds to be set at locations agreed upon by DPW).
  • Lot frontage monumentation (with description).
  • Road width.
  • Curve data.
  • Street names.
  • Lot numbers (if applicable).
  • 911 #'s.
  • Planning board chairman's signature indicating that "this plan has been approved for recording purposes only".
  • Stamped and dated certificate by a licensed land surveyor indicating "I certify that this survey plat is not a subdivision pursuant to this title and that the lines of streets and ways shown are those of public or private streets or ways already established and that no new ways are shown" (from RSA 676:18 III).
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