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Sanitary Sewer

The City of Laconia is a member of the Winnipesaukee River Basin Program (WRBP) - a state owned and operated regional wastewater system serving 10 communities in the Lakes Region. The treatment facility is located in Franklin, NH. Funding for the WRBP is provided through the sewer rates assessed by the member communities. For more information on the Winnipesaukee River Basin Program please see the WRBP Website.

Public Works manages Laconia's 18 sewer pump stations and approximately 91 miles of gravity main and 13 miles of force main that carry the sewage into the WRBP's regional collection system. Property owners must connect to the City's sanitary sewer system when an improved property is within 250' to the public sewer system. The distance is measured from the closest part of any structure which contains plumbing to the sewer system. If easements are necessary, the distance would be measured along or across the shortest available easement.

  • Notice of cleaning and inspection of sanitary sewer mains
  • Sewer Construction: The City's standard detail drawings can be found in the Engineering Construction Details
  • Service Cards are on file for each property connected to sewer and are available upon request. These cards contain sketches of the location of the sewer service lateral.
  • Sewer Facts-To-Know for all customers can be found in the following Fact Sheets
  • Emergencies: In the event of a sewer emergency, please call Laconia DPW @ (603) 528-6379. During off hours, call the Laconia Police Department @ (603) 524-5252
  • Billing:

The City bills properties for sanitary sewer service based on whether a property obtains its water from the City's water Department.

  • A property on well or another water system is charged a flat (un-metered) semi-annual fee of $170.00.
  • A property on the City's water system is charged a quarterly fee of $34.00 (base rate) + metered consumption (billed per unit at the rate of $4.75 per 100 cubic feet).

    Sewer charges shall be as follows or as amended from time to time by the City:

C. Charge based on non-metered flat rate (for Sewer-Only accounts - those accounts that are on public sewer but served by private water by means of either a well or a PUC regulated water system), effective with the billing date on or after December 30, 2012: three hundred forty dollars ($340.00) per unit/year billed semi-annually ($170.00/bill); and with the billing due date of July 1, 2014 or after: four hundred twelve dollars and zero cents ($412.00);and with the billing due date of July 1, 2015 or after: four hundred fifty two dollars and zero cents ($452.00) coinciding with the tax year as defined in RSA 76:2. Billing and collection ofthe flat rate sewer-only accounts will be conducted by the City Tax Collector in accordance with RSA 76:13 and RSA 80:59-91. Determination of the flat rate is as described in 189-44 B (2).

A unit is defined as follows:
  • For residential facilities, apartments and other similar use, each single family living area is one unit (a duplex would be two units, etc.).
  • For hotels, motels, convalescent homes, hospitals, jails and other similar uses, each room is considered one-half unit.
  • For industrial and commercial facilities, each building sewer connected directly or indirectly to the public sewer is considered one unit per meter.
  • The Laconia Water Works Department administers the metered sewer billing and the Tax Collector's office administers flat rate sewer billing.

Please click here for sewer only billing information


Illegal Connections to the Sanitary Sewer System

§ 189-15

The City, to control sanitary sewer rates has implemented an inflow and infiltration program to prevent ground water and rainwater from entering the sanitary sewer system. The object of this program is to minimize the amount of rain/ground water that has to be pumped and treated as if it was waste water.

The City therefore prohibits property owners from connecting the following to a public sanitary sewer:

  • roof downspouts
  • exterior or interior foundation drains
  • areaway drains
  • Building floor drains
  • Other sources of surface runoff or ground water to a building sewer or building drain which in turn is connected, directly or indirectly, to a public sanitary sewer.

Additionally no person shall remove a sewer cleanout cap, vent waste pipe or fixture for the purposes of allowing water either surface or groundwater into the public sanitary sewer system.

Any exception must be in writing from the Department of Public Works.

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