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Planning Board

The Planning Board is responsible for the development of a Master Plan for the development of the city. The Planning Board has the power to approve or disapprove subdivisions in accordance with RSA 674:35 and has the power to approve or disapprove site plans for the development or change or expansion of use of tracts for nonresidential uses or for multifamily uses as defined in RSA 674:43. The Capital Improvement Plan for the City also falls under the jurisdiction of the Planning Board.

This Board consists of nine members who are appointed by the Council to staggered three year terms expiring in June. In addition, there is one member appointed as the City Manager's designee, one administrative official appointed by the Council and one City Councilor who serves as an ex-officio member. Current members are: William Contardo, Edwin Bones, Jay Tivnan, Elizabeth Merry and Charlie St. Clair. Alternates: Michael Limanni (two vacant alternate positions available).  Council representative is Councilor David Bownes, administrative official from the City Gail Denio and Hamilton McLean ex officio for the City Manager.

For further information please contact the Planning Director at 527-1264 or e-mail at

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